Are you worried about a receding hairline, or a thinning top?

The numbers don’t lie; many of us are.

There are several ways to deal with hair loss and male pattern baldness.

They range from the classic “Accept it, and go bald gracefully!” (often suggested by… bald men), to starting a drugs treatment with minoxidil and propecia/proscar, to considering a hair transplant.

What many men (and women) often overlook is the easiest method of regaining the appearance of thicker hair:

Hair building fibers.

Which brings us to the subject of this website, and what we’re all about…

Looking for a complete hair fibers solution?

Check out the Hair Fibers Ultimate Kit from Finally Hair. It contains one full 28 gram refillable bottle, one fhPrep solution, one medium styling spray, one strong fiber lock spray, and a 2 ounce (57g) refill bag. Simply select your color and go.

The transformation is instant.

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Why We Recommend Hair Building Fibers

Hair building fibers are a simple and immediately effective method of adding the appearance of thickness to your hair.

Hair fibers are made of natural, colored proteins that attach to your existing hair and appear completely authentic — even when somebody is within inches of your scalp.

They have risen in popularity thanks to brands like Toppik and Caboki catching on as mainstream ‘hair fillers’ that can have a transformative effect on your appearance.

We’re not kidding, here…

The final look can be very impressive!

While fibers will not permanently alter your hairline, they are a great way to regain the look of full and thick hair at a very affordable price.

Many people are choosing this method over invasive (and expensive) transplants.

This website exists to compare and review the best hair building fibers on the market.

As the top products have exploded in popularity, there are now more and more hair fiber brands available to buy.

The decision of which to trust can be confusing, and you don’t want to be left with the dreaded ‘two tone’ look that defeats the purpose of using a hair concealer in the first place.

We hope you find our reviews and comparison guides useful.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us a comment, an email, or get in touch with us through social media.

Thanks for visiting!