The Best Supplements For Tackling Hair Loss in Women

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Women want gorgeous hair. Whenever ladies surf the Web, read fashion magazines, go to the movies or watch TV, they are bombarded with images of stunning models and actresses who have luxuriant, glossy tresses. However, women are prone to thinning hair, just like guys are. This means that plenty of women have a lot of anxiety about their thinning hair.

They know that their thinning hair doesn’t fit society’s ideal of what “great hair” is.

If you’ve been dealing with female hair loss, you’ll be happy to discover the best supplements for tackling hair loss in women. These supplements often work wonders. When you take a great supplement, it will help to correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies which may be contributing to your hair loss problems.

Today, we’re going to empower you by sharing tons of helpful information about these natural dietary supplements. Choose one or more of these effective holistic formulas in order to get the best hair of your life.

Before we begin, we want to let you know the top three causes of hair loss in women. They are hormone shifts (which sometimes trigger female pattern baldness), aging and illness. There are other possible causes, too, such as hair damage (from hair dye and/or heat styling) and stress.

Getting the vital nutrients that you need will help you to enjoy better hair, no matter why your hair loss is happening. The nutrients in these formulas will also boost your overall health.

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Best Supplements for Hair Loss Prevention

supplement capsules for better hair

Anemia and menopause are two common reasons why women lose their hair. Iron supplements are good choices for women who want to prevent anemia symptoms (including hair loss) and Evening Primrose Oil is a smart pick for ladies who want to prevent hair loss which is related to menopausal hormone shifts.

Sometimes, treating the underlying illness or condition is the key to preventing female hair loss. With this in mind, let’s talk about these two supplements and how they help to stop hair loss before it starts. Use them only as directed.


If your body isn’t getting enough iron to make hemoglobin, you may have an iron deficiency which makes it hard for your body to transfer oxygen to your cells. This oxygen is necessary for cell growth and cell repair. Hair follicles are made up of cells and these cells need hemoglobin. When your iron is low (anemia), your hair may fall out or you may have hair growth which is slower than it should be.

Lots of women have low iron and it’s often linked with blood loss from heavy menstrual periods. Other symptoms of anemia include cold body temperatures, paleness, tiredness and nails which are unusually brittle.

If you aren’t expecting or nursing a baby, you should take fifteen to eighteen milligrams of iron per day.  When you do, you’ll make more hemoglobin, which will help your follicles to function effectively.

A study published in the J Korean Medical Science Journal in 2013 showed that women who suffer from female pattern hair loss have lower serum ferritin concentrations. Ferritin is a type of protein which is universal and intracellular. It stores iron and then releases iron in a controlled manner.

Bumping up your iron with a supplement will increase your own serum ferritin concentrations and this is a good thing!

Evening Primrose Oil

This oil is derived from Evening Primrose plant (Oenothera biennis) seeds and it’s a source of essential fatty acids. Many women who are menopausal rely on this supplement in order to ease hot flashes, access better sleep…and prevent menopause-related hair loss. Hair loss during menopause is linked with hormonal imbalances.

In 2007, a study was published in Menopause which suggested that this supplement has the power to boost estrogen levels. The supplement may have estrogen-like effects which ease menopausal symptoms, including hair loss.

This supplement is a great choice if you want better hair and it’s also really good for the skin. Usually, taking a couple of softgel capsules per day is more than enough to give good results.

Supplements for Encouraging Regrowth

A selection of natural dietary supplements

Preventing hair loss is important. However, you may be just as focused on discovering supplements that will help you to grow as much healthy, thick and lustrous hair as possible! Our research points to Biotin as one of the most effective natural dietary supplements for encouraging hair regrowth. Another excellent supplement for this purpose is Zinc.


This vitamin is also referred to as “vitamin H”. Taking is as recommended (2.5 milligrams per day) will help your body to grow more strong and shiny hair. Known for its capacity to stop hair loss, Biotin is often the key ingredient in the “gummy bear” hair vitamins that are getting so much press these days. You don’t really need to spend a lot on gummy candy hair vitamins. You may order a bottle of Biotin instead and get the perfect dosage of this hair growth supplement. When you start taking Biotin, you’ll probably notice that your hair grows faster.

Women with biotin deficiencies often experience hair loss. Biotin is essential for the proliferation of cells. When you take this supplement, the Biotin will react with enzymes in your cells and help to produce amino acids, which are components of protein. Hair is composed of a form of protein known as keratin protein.


This nutrient is also one of the secrets of encouraging hair growth. The team at Columbia University Health Services believe that zinc-deficient diets trigger excessive hair loss. Diets which are low on Zinc also contribute to dull hair which is unmanageable.

If you want to get more zinc in your daily diet and don’t want to take a supplement, focus on eating foods which are rich in Zinc, such as legumes, poultry, whole grains and seafood. The recommended daily dosage of Zinc for women is eight milligrams per day.

How to Hide Existing Hair Loss

Stunning model with long brown hair

Now that you know how to prevent female hair loss and encourage healthy hair regrowth, just by adding the right vitamin and mineral supplements to your daily diet, you’ll be ready to reverse or minimize thinning hair and enjoy faster hair growth.

Supplements take some time to work.

If you want a quick fix in the meantime, consider hair fiber products.

Choose a highly-rated hair fiber product and then spray in onto thinning areas. Choose a shade that matches your hair color. The fibers in the product will bond with your own natural hair and make it look so thick and healthy. You’ll be able to enjoy a more attractive hair look until you wash the hair fiber product out.


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