Finally Hair Review

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Finally Hair supplies a range of hair building fibers at a budget price; one of the top low-cost solutions to hair loss on the market today.

With its tag line of ‘The Hair loss solution you’ve been looking for is Finally Hair!’, the company makes some pretty big claims of the results you can expect.

So, we decided to review the available information and give you an idea of exactly what this product offers and whether there is any truth behind the claims.

Looking for a complete hair fibers solution?

Check out the Hair Fibers Ultimate Kit from Finally Hair. It contains one full 28 gram refillable bottle, one fhPrep solution, one medium styling spray, one strong fiber lock spray, and a 2 ounce (57g) refill bag. Simply select your color and go.

The transformation is instant.

The set is currently on offer for just $78.89 (a 52% reduction from $162.91) + domestic/worldwide shipping.

Who are Finally Hair?

An American company based in Florida, Finally Hair was incorporated in 2014 with just a handful of employees. There is little information available about the size of the company itself but what is evident is that they are distributor of hair fibers rather than a research company or manufacturer.

There is no evidence of how long the owners have been involved in the hair industry.

Finally Hair: Hair Building Fibers

A keratin based fiber, Finally Hair is designed for use by both men and women.

The formula is 100% natural and is a vegan based ingredient. They do not contain wool, silica or hydantoin and consist of an ‘anti-itch’ formula. Reported not to clump or absorb moisture these fibers do not contain additional fillers.

The claims made by the website are hard to ignore and include such statements as:

‘the highest quality hair building fibers available anywhere’

‘pro-health and surgeon recommended’

‘just as good or better than brands that cost twice as much’

Finally hair suggests using their preparation spray on your hair prior to application with putting the fibers on a simple is a matter of shaking  the applicator bottle across the affected area. Additional durability can be gained by using the fixing spray.

The company claim that their fibers are wind and moisture resistant and lasts day and night. They even suggest that (when using hair fixer) their fibers will not rub off on pillows or other materials.

Finally Hair: Product Range

Finally Hair supplies a wide range of different colors for its hair thickening fibers.

In fact, probably one of the biggest choice of colors we have seen on the market; 20 different shades (Black, soft black, grey, dark grey, white, pure white, blonde, medium blonde, golden blonde, dark blonde, medium brown, light brown, light medium brown, dark chocolate brown, red, auburn, salt and pepper (dark, medium and light).

If there isn’t a color choice to suit your shade of hair then it is possible to combine two or more hues to blend your own mixture.

You can purchase fibers in a 28g applicator bottle and then order refills in a range of sizes (25g, 57g, 114g, 228g and 456g). Additional serums and sprays are available to enhance the appearance and durability of the fibers and can be also be purchased through their secure website.

There are also a variety of add-ons that can be purchased including root concealer, shampoo and conditioner soap bar and some odd extras like facial treatments, nose cleansing strips and Japanese hair dye.

You can download their free ebook from their website. Mainly a sales document for Finally Hair, this three page ‘ebook’ doesn’t contain any new revelations.

finally hair color chart

One of the widest range of color choices on the market. Image via Finally Hair.

Finally Hair: Prices

A starter pack for Finally Hair costs just $78.89 and contains an applicator bottle, 57g bag of hair fibers, a bottle of prep solution and a fiber lock spray.

With a range of sizes of refills the average cost per g of fibers is $0.37 to $0.58 making it one of the cheapest hair building fibers on the market.

You can also receive a free trial with a 10g applicator bottle and the company also provides a full 30-day, money-back guarantee.

The company website regularly has discount offers available to tempt you into bulk purchases.

How Well Does Finally Hair Work?

The first thing we wanted to point out was the disclaimer made at the bottom of Finally Hair’s own website; ‘The claims made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA’.

They go on to remind customers that their products are not a cure for hair loss (as no hair fibers are) but are designed to ‘help people feel great again’.

There are various sources of review available online starting with the company’s own website.

Typically, the reviews on Finally Hair are all five stars with no negativity.

If we ignore these sources, there are around 5000 reviews available for Finally Hair’s products available through Amazon.

Covering a range of over 30 products, the reviews are around four out of five stars and have a good Trustwerty rating with none being identified as unreliable. Approximately three quarters of the reviews rate the product as being average, good or excellent.

The most consistent feedback from the reviews are that for the money the product is good value. However, whilst it does provide coverage , the bond is not nearly as effective as some other products including Toppik and Caboki.

There is also a running theme that both the look and feel of Finally Hair is not as natural as some other brands. The main detraction is that the fibers are thinner, don’t maintain a strong bond and look more fake.

The site does mention that the fibers are awardwinning but fail to mention which awards they have won.

Additionally, there are comments made that these fibers are surgeon recommended; there is a single testimonial from a Dr Bruno Szyferman, who states “I highly recommend Finally Hair building fibers. They are top quality, hypoallergenic, and look completely natural. Its almost like a 2 minute hair transplant in a bottle. Give them a try. You will be glad you did!”

According to the website, Dr. Bruno Szyferman is an acclaimed Hair Surgeon and General Surgeon.

He is the founding member of the Argentina Association of Hair Restoration, a Member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and a member of Iberoamerican Society of Hair Transplant.

Our Verdict

There is no doubting that hair fibers come in varying degrees of quality depending on the material used, the technology incorporated and the sources used for manufacturing.

Finally Hair makes some very bold claims about the effectiveness of its products and fails to provide a balanced opinion of its products on its own review sites; a big mistake as even the most gullible of consumers can see through a perfect score that a company gives to itself.

Certainly some of the before and after photographs make some wild claims on their own. The main image on their website features the head of a man who has very thinning hair and large areas of just scalp. The science behind hair building fiber technology means that these little particles can only bond to existing hair and not to skin.

Whilst the picture may show a full head of hair, common sense will tell you that these fibers are not going to last very long for this particular individual.

Finally Hair Review

Finally Hair: Perhaps not the miracle you’re led to believe. Image via Finally Hair.

Yes, these fibers are very cheap by comparison to other brands and whilst the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ may well be put to good use here, we would also say that the fibers do actually work.

Yes, they do work to some extent.

They might not be the most natural or durable fibers on the market but for people whose hair thinning is not extreme then Finally Hair offers a solution on a budget.

Anyone looking for wider coverage or a more natural look would do better to consider another brand.

Finally Hair offers a good choice of colors and, with its offer of a free trial, should certainly be tried before you buy.

For information on the best hair fiber technology available today, you can read our full guide here. We’ve also put together a guide to how to thicken your existing hair with other solutions.

Featured image via Finally Hair.


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