Best Hair Fibers 2019 Guide

If you are looking to purchase hair fibers to help conceal your thinning hair then you want to know what the best products are on the market for 2019, right?

Whether that’s durability, price and overall look and feel or whether you can match your hair color or not, it’s all important research. There are quite literally hundreds of products on the market all purporting to thicken your hair in an instant. Some of the claims are miraculous whilst others seem far fetched but all of them are quite prepared to take your money.

We thought we’d put together a guide on some of the best hair fiber products available on the market to help with thinning hair and compare them so you can make an informed decision on what is right for you.

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What are Hair Fibers?

Hair fibers (or hair fillers) are tiny filaments made from either synthetic of natural material that use a naturally occurring static charge to bond with existing hair. The result is a three dimensional increase in the volume and density of the hair giving the illusion of thicker locks.

But how does it work?

Well, every material has some kind of electrical charge whether this is negative, positive or even neutral. By matching the right kind of charge to that of your hair, you can create a firm bond between the hair fillers and your own hair.

A human hair is both negatively and positively charged with the majority of the strand being positive. By combining a negatively charged filler, a bond is created like an electromagnet. However, depending on the material used, and its inherent static charged, the stronger (or weaker) the bond. Material such as keratin derived from wool sources has a similar charge to human hair and may not always create a strong bond; however, it does look and feel more natural. Keratin sourced from a plant such as Gossypium Herbaceum has less of a similar feel to hair but creates a better bond due its more negative static charge.

Conversely, cotton and synthetic fibers have a greater negative charge and bond more effectively to parts of a human hair; though they don’t always look or feel natural.

Silcon has a negative charge but is not recommended as a product as it can cause respiratory problems if breathed in during application, particularly over a prolonged period.

It’s important to know that what you gain with a natural look and feel can compromise the integrity of the bond so do look closely at what kind of material is being used in the fibers you are considering.

Best Hair Fibers 2019: By Brand

In this guide, we’ve taken an in depth look at the top ten hair fiber products on the market in 2019 and given you a full comparison. We’ve included everything from color range to durability, price to public opinion including our thoughts on what makes each product different. Arranged alphabetically, we hope that this guide will give you all the information that you need to select hair fibers to suit your needs, budget and expectations.

Prices are based on purchasing the products directly from the manufacturer or and do not include shipping costs.


capoki hair filler fibers how to use

Applying hair fibers is simple and easy to do with Caboki’s versatile applicators. Image via website.

Made from plant based material to mimic the keratin of your hair, Caboki is a natural hair filler fiber. Sourced from Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum (levant cotton), Caboki’s fibers adhere well and offer good durability compared to other materials.

The range of products offered by Caboki is comprehensive and includes all natural minerals which makes it a popular choice for environmentalists as well as those people who suffer from skin allergies induced by synthetic materials.

With over 6 million users worldwide, Caboki is one of the world’s largest suppliers of hair loss fibers.

Customer reviews: Caboki has over 6000 reviews on Google with 92% being positive and achieving an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Likewise the products receive good reviews on Amazon with a 75% positive rating across several thousand reviews achieving an average score of 4.3 stars out of 5.

Durability: Caboki’s fibers offer a good bond with plant based material giving a good negative charge to adhere to your hair. The bond lasts well with normal day to day moisture such as light rain, perspiration and humidity as well as in windy weather. A lot of gym users choose Caboki because it has been proven to withstand the additional moisture that a workout can induce.

Sizes available: Caboki comes in three sizes; Travel, 6g ($8.95), 16g ($19.95) and 30g ($34.95).

Colors available: Caboki offers one of the largest ranges of hair colors, with 14 different hues to choose from; Blonde, Natural Blonde, Golden Blonde, Light brown, Medium brown, Dark brown, Black, Salt Pepper dark, Salt Pepper light, Silver White, Dark Gray, Gray Auburn and Light Auburn. These can also be mixed to create a more tailored look.

Accessories range: Caboki also has an extensive range of accessories designed to complement its hair fiber products. You can purchase a hair spray to strengthen the bond as well as panoramic, hairline perfector and concealer for the fine hairs at your hairline.

Caboki: Pros

  • Wide range of colors.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Good level of bond and durability.
  • Moisture resistant when used with locking spray.
  • Good range of accessories.
  • Plant based keratin.

Caboki: Cons

  • Some users find the bond doesn’t last as long as advertised.
  • Application can be patchy without the spray which costs more.
  • Users need to get practiced at using the hairline optimizing tool.
  • Coverage not great and you may use more than you expect.

Cuvva Hair Fibers

Cuvva hair fibers comparison

Cuvva gets strong customer feedback but has very few color choices. Image via website.

Cuvva’s fibers are made using an organic, keratin protein that has a natural look and feel; similar to human hair. With a simple shake on applicator top the product is sold in one size and the company do not produce any additional range of accessories; in fact, there are only four color choices making this one of the most basic product ranges available.

There are several critical reviews online that suggest that Cuvva has more of a powdery finish than other products and that the applicator head on the bottle doesn’t spread very evenly.

Customer reviews: Sold on Amazon, there are 250 customer reviews of which 87% are positive and give Cuvva an overall star rating of 4.3/5.0

Durability: Cuvva don’t make any claims that their fibers can withstand rain but they do believe that their product can man up to daily perspiration and wind. User reviews don’t go into any detail about the durability.

Sizes available: Cuvva comes in a universal size of 25g at a price of $29.95.

Colors available: The fibers come in just four colors; dark brown, light brown, medium brown and black.

Accessories range: Cuvva do not have any additional products.

Additional comments: There is a 100%, satisfaction guaranteed, no quibble, money back assurance on Cuvva’s product.

Cuvva: Pros

  • Comes with a money back guarantee.
  • Sweat and wind resistant.
  • Made from organic protein, the look and feel is more consistent with your own hair.
  • Cheaper than a lot of other products.
  • Quick and simple application.

Cuvva: Cons

  • Limited choice of colors.
  • Hair needs to be at least 1.5” long to get the best results.
  • Limited choice of applications.
  • Contains silica.
  • Has a flat and dull ‘powdery’ look.

Efficient Hair Fibers

efficient hair fibers

A low price per g, Efficient has both detractors and supporters in equal measure. Image via website.

Made from an organically sourced keratin protein (the same material that hair is made from), Efficient hair fibers bond with your hair using a natural static charge. The product is similar in style to others on the market in terms of application (shake on and pat into place) but is a cheaper product that many feel is inferior to others on the market. Having said this, there are just as many positive reviewers who feel the product has an advantage in that it doesn’t dry the scalp out.

Customer reviews: Achieving an overall rating on Amazon of 3.4 out of 5 stars, Efficient has a positive rating of just 57%. Reviews are either immensely positive or very negative with users experiencing patchy covering or unusual color matching.

Durability: Users report issues with the durability of this product, specifically when it comes to dealing with moisture. Anything over a mild sweat is likely to cause the bond to fail.

Sizes available: Efficient comes in one size only; 28g priced at $18.45

Colors available: Available in 9 different colors that can be blended to match your existing hair color. Black, Dark brown, Medium brown, Light brown, Medium blonde, Blonde, Auburn, Gray and White.

Accessories range: Efficient do not produce any accessories to go with this product.

Additional comments: The product comes with a free 30-day money back guarantee.

Efficient: Pros

  • Low cost.
  • Good color range.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Doesn’t dry the scalp out.
  • Money back guarantee.

Efficient: Cons

  • Doesn’t tolerate moisture well.
  • Can result in a patchy look.
  • Can lose bond easily.
  • No accessories to help secure the bond.
  • Low user confidence rating.

Gofybr: Hair Building Fibers

Gofybr hair building fibers

Gofybr offers good quality at a good price but doesn’t have a ‘natural’ look or feel. Image via website.

Constructed using levant cotton fibers, Gofybr makes use of the naturally occurring positive charge that occurs when this filament comes into contact with human hair. The fibers are easy to use and can simply be shaken onto the surface of the hair and smoothed in to create an even spread and strong hold.

Customers who use this product seem generally pleased with the results although the appearance and texture is less natural than products made with keratin. Most of the marketing material and user reviews are derived from male customers so there isn’t much information about whether Gofybr can be used by women.

Customer reviews: Gofybr isn’t sold via Amazon and there are no Google reviews available. The only reviews we could find were on YouTube and Facebook both of which had excellent feedback from customers. Of just 8 reviews on Facebook, all were 5 star ratings.

Durability: Gofybr state that their product is resistant to wind, rain and moisture (such as from humidity and perspiration).

Sizes available: 12.5g ($18.00), 25g ($30.00), 75g ($86.00) and 150g ($161.00)

Colors available: Gofybr comes in a range of 10 different colors; Light blonde, Medium Blonde, Dark blonde, Light brown, Medium brown, Dark brown, Black, White, Grey and Auburn. You can mix colors to produce a more natural hue.

Accessories range: Gofybr manufactures a special styling spray to help boost the hold.

Additional comments: You can request a free sample directly from the website which equates to a months supply. The product also comes with a money back guarantee.

Gofybr: Pros

  • Wide range of color choices.
  • Durable in daily wear and tear.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee.
  • Low cost by comparison with other products.
  • Good static bond.
  • Is color fast meaning no staining.

Gofybr: Cons

  • Less natural feeling and looking than keratin fibers.
  • Can come off in light water and adhere to other body hair (such as in the shower).
  • No accessories; only hairspray.
  • Distributed from the UK only.

Infinity Hair Thickening Fibers

Suitable for all hair types including short, long, ethnic and treated, Infinity Hair Fibers are made from synthetic nanofibers designed to produce a strong bond.

Customer reviews: With over 300 reviews on Amazon and an overall positive rating of 72% (3.9 stars out of 5), Infinity has good overall reviews from its users. The main complaint is that the coverage of the fibers is not great and that you will end up using a lot more than you expect. Some users also found that the bond was not as good as advertised.

Durability: When used with the locking spray, Infinity Hair endures a good overall level of wear and tear including moisture, wind and activities such as going to the gym.

Sizes available: Infinity comes in four sizes; 3g ($7.99), 14g ($24.99), 28g ($44.99) and 60g ($64.99).

Colors available: There are ten colors to choose from in the Infinity range; Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Cinnamon, Dark Blonde, Light Blonde, Grey and White.

Accessories range:  The Infinity Hair fibers range comes with locking spray and an applicator pump.

Infinity: Pros

  • A good color range.
  • Strong bond with the locking spray for most people.
  • Good customer feedback

Infinity: Cons

  • Can be quite expensive.
  • Some users found they needed a lot to maintain good coverage.

Keratin Research: Samson Hair Building Fibers

Samson offers refill fibers to use with other applicator devices such as Toppik, Caboki and Nanogen. Made from keratin fibers, Samson filler fibers are very low cost and reasonably durable.

Keratin Research purports to offer one of the best products on the market undertaking rigorous trials to develop a product that isn’t too light that the fibers only attach to the top of the hairs but not too heavy that the fibers fall out.

Customer reviews: The fibers are sold via Amazon and have a good deal of reviews across their extensive range of refillable packages and colors that are all 3.6 to 4.4 stars out of 5. The majority of reviews are in the positive range being an average (across all products) of 75%.

Durability: Samson hair fibers are reportedly very durable and include a uniquely patented ‘Moisture Guard’ technology to prevent the bonds from weakening in rain or humidity.

Sizes available: The fibers come in bags of 25g ($14.95) to 300g ($118.00) however you will need to have a way to apply the fibers such as an existing (empty) Toppik canister or you can purchase one of Samson’s own concealer applicators, priced at $79.

Colors available: Samson hair fibers come in a range of 11 colors; Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blonde, Blonde, Auburn, Dark Gray, Light Gray and White

Accessories range: Samson fibers come with a range of applicator devices and hold sprays with additional products available from their website including DHT blockers (for male pattern baldness) and Fortifico to promote hair regrowth.

Additional comments: Products come with free shipping and a money back guarantee.

Samson: Pros

  • Wide range of color choices.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee.
  • Compatible with other applicators.
  • Range of additional products.
  • Offers good durability.
  • Has good reviews.
  • Is low cost.
  • Has a natural look and feel.

Samson: Cons

  • Need to purchase an applicator separately as fibers come in bags.
  • Can clump up if not used with a suitable applicator.
  • Some reviews show that the product doesn’t style very well.

Nanogen: Hair Thickening Fibers 

Nanogen before and after hair fibers

Nanogen’s results make the product look miraculous and customer feedback is strong. Image via website.

With over a decade in the industry and over a million customers worldwide, Nanogen offers a wide range of products designed for the hair loss market. Their products range from topical treatments to hair thickening fibers. A British business, Nanogen has a reputation for its discretion and has provided its products to A list celebrities and leading public figures. Their customers are both men and women with their products being designed accordingly.

The hair building fibers they offer are keratin based proteins and blend naturally with existing hair. Easy to apply and offering a durable finish, these fibers are well received by their customers.

What is interesting about Nanogen is that they have developed a fiber that is both positively and negatively charged; one end is positive, the other negative. This means that the static bonds are created down the entire length of the hair they are covering giving great density.

Customer reviews: The fibers are sold in the US on Amazon and fulfilled by Prime. There are only a few reviews on each product but generally the ratings of the products are very positive with most achieving a 3.8 – 4.4 stars out of 5 rating. Unsurprisingly, Nanogen’s own site has exceptionally good 5 star reviews however independent reviews also give Nanogen the thumbs up too.

Durability: Nanogen’s hair fibers withstand a good degree of general daily wear and tear including light rain, perspiration and wind. Most reviews reveal that Nanogen’s fibers stay put well beyond the range of some of its competitors with few people requiring a top-up during the day. The company state that their bond is 400% more effective than other fibers on the market.

Sizes available: You can buy Nanogen hair fibers in two sizes; 15g ($31.00) and 30g ($50.00). There are also trial sizes available via the UK website (one per customer).

Colors available: Nanogen hair fibers come in a range of 10 colors; Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Cinnamon, Dark Blonde, Light Blonde, Gray and White.

Accessories range: You will need to purchase an applicator spray to use the fibers and Nanogen also offers an additional spray to lock the fibers in place as well as waterproof scalp concealer.  

Additional comments: Products come with a money back guarantee.

Nanogen: Pros

  • Wide range of color choices.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee.
  • Very durable.
  • Natural feel and look.
  • Great density coverage with dipolar fibers.
  • Good reviews.
  • Company has been operating since 2001.
  • Comes with a money back guarantee.

Nanogen: Cons

  • Quite expensive.
  • UK based company so customer service is on different hours.
  • Need to buy a separate applicator.

Toppik: Hair Building Fibers

Toppik hair fibers for thinning hair

Toppik is one of the leading suppliers of hair fibers with a strong reputation. Image via website.

Manufactured by Spencer Forrest as Toppik Inc., these popular hair building fibers have been on the market for three decades. They offer a wide range of products specifically developed for the hair loss market and Toppik has over 3 million customers worldwide including both men and women.

The fibers are easy to use and can be shaken on by hand direct from the container or with Toppik’s own applicator spray. They are made from natural materials similar to the keratin found in human hair but sourced from wool. The fibers work by using a static charge to create a bond with the existing hair and creating volume and density around thinning hair.

The fibers can be used with all hair types including ethnic hair.

Customer reviews: Google, Facebook and Amazon reviews are largely very positive with the average rating across these three platforms being 4.27 stars out of 5 with an overall positive rating of 77.3%.

Durability: Toppik’s own literature states that their fibers are durable through regular daily wear including wind, rain and perspiration. User reviews suggest that the overall duration of each application can be as much as a couple of days (with some touching up). The fibers should last the course of a day and can be washed out with wet shampoo.

Sizes available: Travel $7.95 (3g), Regular $24.95 (12g), Economy $46.95 (27.5g) and Giant $79.95 (55g)

Colors available: 9 different colors. Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Medium Blonde, Light Blonde, Auburn, Gray and White. Colors can be mixed to match natural hair colors.

Accessories range: Toppik has formulated a range of styling products that help with the natural application of their hair fibers as well as to create a more secure bond. These range from hair sprays to specially designed applicators and dry shampoos.

Additional comments: Toppik offers a full 30 day, money back guarantee on its products as well as various offers, discounts and promotions.

Toppik: Pros

  • Versatile.
  • Durable hold.
  • Good range of colors.
  • Can look very natural if applied well.
  • Good range of complementary accessories.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Easy to get hold of.
  • Easy and fast to apply.

Toppik: Cons

  • Quite expensive compared to other products.
  • Can flake or lose hold with excess moisture.
  • Can look fake if not applied well.
  • Matching your hair color is a case of trial and error.


Offering the support of clinical trials following 25 years of research, Viviscal hair fibers are made from wheat, corn and soy.

They offer a range of products aimed at men and women, each with the same scientific approach to their technology but branded accordingly.

The product is easy to apply and can simply be smoothed in using the applicator comb.

Customer reviews: Reviews for Viviscal’s hair fibers are largely positive but they do also receive a high number of negative complaints. The biggest concern is the lack of color range and the way the product is applied. Unlike the shake or spray method, Viviscal’s applicator is a comb device which may volumize the hair but can interfere with styling.

Durability: The literature states that the fibers last all day however reviews show that the product doesn’t cope well with moisture.

Sizes available: Comes in one size; 15g for a price of $24.99.

Colors available: Comes in three colors; Dark Brown, Black and Light Brown

Accessories range: Viviscal offers a range of nutritional hair growth supplements as well as volumizing shampoos.

Additional comments: Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Viviscal: Pros

  • No mess applicator comb.
  • Suitable for all hair type.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Good bond created.

Viviscal: Cons

  • Limited color range.
  • Application method not suitable for all.
  • Doesn’t cope well with moisture.


X Fusion hair fibers

Also by Toppik, X Fusion is another recipe from the leading manufacturer. Image via website.

Created by Toppik, XFusion is another type of hair fiber that achieves a good quality hold to help with thinning hair. A slightly different formula to Toppik itself, XFusion works well with ethnic hair.

Customer reviews: XFusion scores well with Amazon customers achieving an overall rating in the region of 4.5 stars out of 5 with more than 400 reviews. With a 90% positive feedback XFusion is one of our highest ranked products on this list for customer satisfaction.

Durability: The durability of XFusion is good with most users commending it for its firm hold and natural finish.

Sizes available: The product comes in three sizes; Travel, 3g ($ Regular, 15g ($24.99) and Economy, 28g ($35.00).

Colors available: There are 9 colors available in the XFusion range; Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Medium Blonde, Light Blonde, Auburn, Gray and White.

Accessories range:  The XFusion range comes with holding spray, hairline optimizer and spray applicator. The company also manufactures hair volumizer as well as shampoos and conditioners to treat hair loss.

XFusion: Pros

  • Good color range.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Choice of sizes.
  • Good hold with accompanying spray.
  • Quick to apply.
  • Good customer feedback.
  • Moisture resistant (normal daily use).

XFusion: Cons

  • Contains silica.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Some users found the coverage to be patchy.
  • Some users found the feel to be ‘unnatural’.

Overall at a Glance Comparison

In conclusion, most of the products we’ve reviewed offer a good level of coverage and bond though each has their own pros and cons.

Supplier Material/Source Price/g Colors
Caboki Levant Cotton/Plant $1.17 – $1.49 14
Cuvva Keratin $1.20 4
Efficient Keratin $0.66 9
Gofybr Levant Cotton/Plant $1.07 – $1.44 10
Infinity Synthetic NanoFibers $1.08 – $2.66 10
Nanogen Keratin $1.67 – $2.07 10
Samson Keratin $0.39 – $0.80 11
Toppik Keratin/Wool $1.45 – $2.65 9
Viviscal Wheta/Soy/Corn $1.67 3
XFusion Keratin $1.25 – $4.00 9

The two products that come up consistently well with customer reviews are Toppik and Caboki each offering a good range of accessories, colors and strong customer support levels at good prices. With almost 10 million customers between them, there is little to question why these two suppliers rate so highly.

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