How to Cover Bald Spots Naturally

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If you’ve got a bald spot and you really want to hide it, you should know that we have some practical tips to share. Today, we’re going to help by giving you the inside scoop on how to cover bald spots naturally, without medicated topical treatments (Rogaine), drugs (Propecia) or hair transplants.

Our tips are quick fixes. Rely on one, some or all of them in order to get the full and thick hair look that you like.

These days, so many men (and lots of women, too) are living with hair loss which lowers their self-confidence and self-esteem. Are you living with it, too? If so, don’t worry. Help is out there.

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How to Cover Bald Spots and Conceal Hair Loss

balding guy wearing glasses

Statistics from the American Hair Loss Association show that sixty-six percent of men begin losing their hair by the age of thirty-five. By age fifty, eighty-five percent of guys have to live with hair loss which fits into the “very noticeable” category!

Unfortunately, younger guys often get hit with bald spots, too. One quarter of males who experience balding see initial signs of hair loss/balding before the age of twenty-one.

Men and women alike may find that they suffer from bald spots due to:

  • hormone shifts
  • stress
  • pollution
  • bad habits (smoking, drinking)
  • genetics
  • over-processing of hair (coloring, heat styling)

This problem affects both genders. Our tips are geared at men, as so many of them are prone to male pattern baldness. However, these tips will definitely work wonders for the ladies, too!

First Step: Try Hair Fiber Products

brunette guy in thoughtful pose

Hair fiber products are a revolutionary solution to the problem of thinning hair and bald patches. Hair fiber products contain fibers made from keratin or cotton, which bond to existing hair and/or balding scalps. These hair filling products conceal hair loss and cover up balding areas.

These products are suitable for men who have thinning hair and one or more bald spots. They may not be right for men who are completely bald.

The best hair fiber products offer impressive coverage which is just so natural and convincing.

To help you find premium formulas, we researched hair fiber products at the world’s largest online retailer (Amazon). Our goal was to see which products are best-sellers with excellent reviews.

The top three hair building products at Amazon are currently (as of January, 2018):

Strand Maximizer

CUVVA Hair Fibers 

Nor1 Hair Building Fibers

In fourth position is Toppik, which is probably the most famous hair fiber product.

All of these products are highly-rated with real-life customers and all are simple to apply. To order one, choose a formula in your current hair shade (natural or dyed). Then, apply as directed.

How to Apply Hair Fiber Products

Cuvva hair fibers comparison

Cuvva. Image via website.

Usually, application is as simple as shaking the bottle of hair fiber product over sparse or balding areas. Most of these hair building products feature high-quality keratin fibers with static charges. The fibers cling to existing hair and stay put until they are shampooed out.

Any of of the hair filling products that we’ve discussed today will allow you to access a thicker hair look in an instant. Use your hair fiber product sometimes, such as before a big night out or before you have to give a work presentation, or use them daily in order to look and feel younger.

Use Makeup to Mask the Problem

Root touch up product from Dexe

Dexe Root Cover Up: Image Via Website

Another strategy is to use hair makeup, such as fill-in powders or liquid chalks. These products make it quite easy to conceal thinning hair and bald spots. However, they don’t typically build thickness, like hair filling products do.

Hair makeup just adds color.

For this reason, we think that hair fiber products offer more benefits. Nonetheless, fill-in powders and liquid chalks have their place. Some people use them to hide sparseness and/or bald spots, while others use them to conceal gray roots. They work quite well for either purpose.

How to Use Fill-in Powders

Fill-in powders usually come in makeup compact-style containers. Choose a shade that matches your existing hair and then apply the fill-in powder with a makeup brush, puff or other applicator. Some formulas, including Dexe Root Touch Up, come with handy applicators.

Usually, these products stay in place well. However, they are powders which don’t usually include keratin or cotton hair fibers, so they won’t cling to hair and scalp as long as the best hair fiber products do. They are extremely portable, thanks to their sleek pots or cases, so you should be able to do touch-ups on the go if you want to.

Now, let’s talk about liquid chalk…

Discover Liquid Chalk Hair Makeup

Liquid chalk was designed to help people cover gray or to get creative hair effects, such as bright pink or blue streaks against other hair colors, such as black, blond, red or brown. You may find these temporary liquid hair colors in a host of wild shades and natural hair shades.

To apply, shake the bottle. Then, use a cotton pad to apply some liquid hair color to sparse areas or bald spots.

You won’t need to apply liquid chalk hair makeup all over your head, unless you want to. Once it’s applied, blow-dry it to remove dampness and to set the color. You won’t have to rinse it out as you would need to rinse out most other types of hair color!

This product may add a little thickness to hair strands. It will probably add more density than fill-in makeup, but less thickness than hair fiber products. Liquid chalk usually washes out within a couple of shampoos.

One popular liquid chalk hair makeup to try is L’Oreal Technique Liquid Chalk Temporary Intense Hair Makeup.

Consider Changing Your Haircut

guy with hair loss gets haircut

A great hair stylist is a secret weapon that you should have in your arsenal. While some levels of thinning and baldness can’t be concealed completely, a skilled hairstylist should be able to work with any existing hair and shape it in such a way that thinning areas and bald spots are at least partially concealed.

For example, a hairdresser with excellent skills should be able to give a guy a “comb-over” that is more Anderson Cooper from CNN and less Donald Trump, President of the United States.

Men who want to conceal receding hairlines should be aware that the trend is actually towards showing receding hairlines off. This means using product, such as gel or pomade, to push hair off of the face. Volume at the roots will help you to achieve this fashionable look, which is a favorite of actor/comedian Will Arnett, who starred in Arrested Development.

If you really want to hide your receding hairline, ask a stylist to cut bangs for you. They may be long or short. Another strategy is shaking a little hair fiber product (in your hair shade) into your hairline.

Women may benefit from layered cuts which help to create concealing volume where it is needed the most. It’s easy to move layers around to mask imperfections. A lot will depend on level of hair loss and hair texture. This is why a talented hairstylist is such a valuable resource.

Are These Quick Fixes Right for You?

Now that you know the most sensible and innovative quick fixes for thinning hair and bald spots, why not give them a try? In general, the right haircut and hairstyle, along with usage of a premium hair fiber product, will be the best one-two punch in the fight against a thinning or balding hair look.



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