Nanogen Hair Thickening Fibers Review

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If you are looking for hair thickening fibers, then Nanogen may be on your radar.

A UK company with an international reputation, Nanogen has a range of hair fibers, accessories and topical solutions for anyone suffering from hair loss.

Unsurprisingly, they purport to offer a product that is superior to its competitors but just how well does Nanogen work? Are their fibers durable, natural looking and are they good value for money?

In this review, we take a look at the company, its products and whether or not there is any truth behind the claims.

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Who are Nanogen?

A British company, Nanogen has been operating in the industry since 2001 and has accumulated over a million customers worldwide. Of those million customers, a reported number are A list celebrities including leading public figures and TV stars though their discretion means they won’t reveal exactly who is on their customer books.

Primarily a research company employing cosmetic scientists, biochemists and pharmacologists, Nanogen is one of the world’s best known hair fiber manufacturer and has an international reputation for excellence.

Nanogen Hair Fibers: The Technology

Created using a keratin based protein, Nanogen’s product is both positively and negatively charged producing a fiber that is capable of bonding across the entire shaft irrespective of how it falls on the hair. This is possible due to the way fibers are manufactured with each end, like a magnet, having a different charge.

When it comes to the way hair fibers work, traditional science will tell you that, because hair is positively charge, it attracts the negative end of the fiber and bonds. Though this is true, there are parts of human hair which naturally have less of a positive charge. The science behind Nanogen’s fibers creates a combination of both varieties of charge so that all of their fibers will ‘stick’ to the hair. Dubbed ‘dipolar’, Nanogen’s hair fibers are said to produce a fuller and more dense head of hair when compared to its competitors.

nanogen hair fibers bond

The dipolar charge helps bond the fibers more evenly. Image via Nanogen.

How Durable are Nanogen Hair Fibers?

The proof of the pudding is in the wearing so just how durable are Nanogen’s hair fibers. Reviews and independent tests suggest that they offer a good level of durability during the course of a normal day. They can withstand light rain, a bit of wind and even perspiration. Nanogen itself claims that their fibers bond four times more effectively than comparable brands on the market.

The bottom line is that the temporary bond created by any hair fiber is susceptible to heavy use so carrying a top up applicator is a good idea. Though the evidence suggests that Nanogen will fare better, the fibers would be hard pushed to remain in place in heavy rain, howling winds or if you are creating a lot of friction.

Nanogen: Product Range

Nanogen produce their hair fibers in two sizes; 15g ($31.00) and 30g ($50.00) with a trial pack also being available.

Though you can simply shake the fibers on your hair from the packs supplied, you can also buy a specially adapted applicator spray to create a more even application. A fibre locking spray gives the fibers a stronger hold and it is recommended that you use this to extend the durability.

For those customers who have areas of the scalp that are hairless (including scar tissue) Nanogen has created a waterproof scalp concealer. Applied directly to the skin like a base make-up, the concealer can work well to blend wide partings and at the hairline.

Nanogen hair fibers come in a range of 10 colors; Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Auburn, Cinnamon, Dark Blonde, Light Blonde, Gray and White.

As with many hair building fibers, you can mix a variety of colors to achieve the correct combination for your own hair. This can be a trial and error for most people and can be expensive having to buy several variations to achieve the right result. However, for the most natural finish to fibers it is best to experiment.

In addition to their hair fibers, Nanogen has also created a range of topical solutions to thicken existing hair. From shampoo and conditioner to hair serum and treatment masks, each of these products is formulated for either men or women to form part of a daily routine for healthy hair.

The entire product range is backed with a money back guarantee which helps to instil customer confidence.

You can buy single packs of any of the product range but you can also purchase gift sets and discount bundles.

The company deliver worldwide but there are options for US customers with Amazon as orders are fulfilled by Prime. However, a word of caution, beware of cheap counterfeits that are touted on other websites. As inferior products the results can be very disappointing and will likely be a waste of money.

Nanogen Prices

Depending on the size pack you are purchasing (and where you get it from) the average cost per g of Nanogen’s hair fibers is $1.67 to $2.07 making it a mid-range price when compared to other hair fibers available on the market.  

Less expensive than Toppik but more so than Caboki, two of the other leading brands of keratin based hair fibers, Nanogen’s dipolar technology should mean there is less waste and could make it a more cost efficient way to achieve full hair coverage.

Does Nanogen Work?

There are a number of reviews available online including those that are published on the company’s own website, Amazon and Trust Pilot.

Trust Pilot reviewers rate Nanogen as 8.1 out of 10, with all reviews being Average (18%), Good (18%) or Excellent (64%).

With no poor reviews, the overall opinion of Nanogen is ‘Great’. A lot of the reviews are from customers who have been using the products for many years and, whilst very positive, do make some interesting comments. As an ongoing part of daily hair care, the Nanogen range is considered pricey with some people finding the finish not to be as ‘undetectable’ as is claimed.

Amazon reviewers are also a supportive bunch with product ratings being mainly very positive.

The products achieve a 3.8 – 4.4 stars out of 5 rating with most being from verified purchases. Customer experiences range from slightly thinning partings to those who have undergone chemotherapy.

Though the application is described by some as ‘messy’, the overall sense is one of confidence in the product. There are one or two complaints that the ‘feel’ of Nanogen is too stiff or that the color match did not work for their hair.

Nanogens own site has mostly exceptional reviews which is unsurprising.

We say…

Nanogen’s reputation is a strong one and deservedly so.

Their product is an evolved formula that takes into account a variety of factors including the technology of the bond, the materials used for maximum coverage, best natural effect and being dermatologically safe.

The science of the dipolar fibers is exciting and is a unique feature that seems to produce a firm bond as well as giving good coverage with minimal wastage. Whilst not the cheapest product on the market, the costs are certainly in keeping with other similar fibers and offer better value for money than some far inferior quality brands.

The range of hair color is good and provides a great base of shades to be able to mix up a shade that is right for most people. The applicator spray is definitely worth using to ensure a more even coverage and helps to direct the fibers to problem areas without any ‘clumping’ or wasting the fibers by shaking them over-vigorously. For anyone who has hairless spots, the waterproof concealer is good but don’t expect any miracles.

nanogen hair fibers product range

Used with their hair care range, Nanogen’s fibers have a good bond. Image via Nanogen.

Though the fibers aren’t as soft and natural as those sourced from animal proteins, the keratin gives a reasonably natural finish that is only detectable upon close inspection.

Overall, whilst we can’t vouch for the fibers being 400% stronger than any other fibers on the market, the durability is certainly consistent with their being a good bond.

Perhaps this is simply because more fibers bond to the head meaning it is less noticeable when fibers lose their grip. Whatever the reason, Nanogen has created a solid product to which the company’s longevity owes its success.

nanogen before and after

Customer reviews are very positive for Nanogen’s hair fibers. Image via Nanogen.

Just remember that using any hair fibers are not a silver bullet for hair loss but can help boost daily confidence.

For other ways to combat thinning hair whether through trauma, hormone imbalance or other inciting factors, you can read up on our hair thickening guide here.

Featured image via Nanogen.


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